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Techkon SpectroDrive Pro

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Scan-measurement device Techkon SpectroDrive and Expresso 4 Pro.

The scan-measurement device SpectroDrive and the Windows software ExPresso 4 form a complete quality control system for increasing productivity and quality of a printing press. There are two different packages available. A post-purchase software upgrade from SpectroDrive Basic to the Pro version can be done easily.

SpectroDrive + Software ExPresso 4 Basic Consists of the spectral-measurement device SpectroDrive and the Windows software TECHKON ExPresso 4 Basic with the following functions:

  • Ink zone specific density display
  • Color density for CMYK and spot colors (spectral density)
  • Densitometric gray balance
  • Dot area
  • Dot gain
  • Printing contrast
  • Slur/doubling value
  • Target values and tolerances
  • OK-sheet
  • Front-side and reverse printing
  • Works with any sheet format and color bar length
  • Display of single measurements when used as a hand-held device
  • Measurement data export (e.g. JDF format)
  • Statistical analysis and report
  • Supports up to 6 printing units

SpectroDrive + Software ExPresso 4 Pro: Same functions as the Basic package and additionally:

  • Ink zone specific colorimetric CIE L*a*b*and ∆E*a*b* display
  • ∆L*a*b*
  • CIE L*C*h*
  • ∆L*C*h*
  • InkCheck: recommendation for ink key setting
  • Display and evaluation according to ISO 12647 (PSO)
  • GrayGuide (gray balance) according to Gracol G7™
  • OBA-Check
  • Supports up to 16 printing units

Techkon SpectroDrive Basic is backed by a 24 month warranty.

Product reference: TK1090035.

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