Inkzone CIP3/4





Automatic ink adjustment



Take advantage of the information generated with your plates to establish the opening of the keys of the inkwells automatically.


The InkZone Software will provide you with:

Faster and more accurate print starts.
System compatible with most presses: Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, ManRoland, Sakurai, Mitsubishi, Planet, Eltromat, Akiyama, etc.
Possibility of updating old presses economically.
Precise control of the ink cartridges and ink takers of each of the printing bodies.
Increased reliability in job reps.
Very simple handling, touch interface.
Direct connection "online" with the console.
Precise calibration curves very precise, created semi-automatically from the work already printed.


Envol Graphic is the most experienced company in the country in preset of inkwells for offset machines, with dozens of installations in flat and rotary machines since 2004. Ask us for a quote without commitment.