Closed Loop System





Automatic color control

Spectro-densitometric ClosedLoop system "on line" for quality control and offset analysis.


The system provides advanced control of print control in the following areas:

Management, control and calibration of PRE-INK. Customized for each printing press body. Connectivity with prepress through * .ppf, jdf, pdf, TIFF 1bit and cip files.

Spectrum-densitometric scanning equipment for continuous scanning of the print control strip. SpectroJet: Scanning with manual scrolling / SpectroDrive: Motorized automatic scanning.

Process management and control through software modules for the measurement and analysis of the information of the print control strips and spot measurements in any area of ​​the printed sheet. Techkon SpectroConnect software and Techkon Expresso software.

On-line connection via interface to the control desk, which allows the control of the ink keys of each print body in a dynamic way synchronized with each measurement of the Techkon instrument.
The included software modules allow the reception of CIP3 or CIP4 file to facilitate machine start-up, with corresponding calibration and modulation of the apertures depending on the behavior of each print body and the different substrates used in the printing.

System components:

  • Techkon SpectroJet / SpectroDrive: Manual (SpectroJet) or automatic (SpectroDrive) measuring equipment for the print control strip in spectrum-densitometric mode.
  • Techkon Expresso Software: Measurement, control and analysis.
  • Techkon SpectroConnect Software: Advanced Color Control.
  • Software interface IZ Perfect Closed Loop: Connection interface with press control desk.
  • Workstation with touch screen or large format display for front view.



The Closed Loop System provides:

  • Faster and more accurate print starts.
  • Reliability and stability throughout the run.
  • Color control by density or spectrophotometry.
  • Information and evaluation according to ISO 12647 (PSO)
  • Reading the ultra-fast control strip (160 mm / second)
  • Measurement of the control strip and spot metering anywhere in the sheet with the same instrument,
  • Statistical analysis and report generator. All measurements are saved.
  • System compatible with most old or state-of-the-art presses: Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, ManRoland, Sakurai, Planet, Mitsubishi, Eltromat, etc.
  • Possibility of updating old presses economically.
  • Increased reliability in job reps.
  • Very simple and intuitive handling, touch interface.
  • Direct connection "online" with the console.
  • Precise calibration curves very precise, created automatically from the works already printed.





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