ENVOL GRAPHIC, S.L. was founded in 2001 and is located in La Garriga 35 km north of Barcelona; It has a team of professionals with over 25 years experience in the printing industry. Manufacturer, importer and distributor of equipment and accessories prepress and printing for the printing industry.

Innovation and investment in new products and technologies have enabled us to pioneer technologies to link prepress and printing. And the introduction of inkjet technology in direct production of offset plates.

The result of collaboration with the Swiss company Digital Information, offer Inkzone; a wide family connections to Heidelberg presses, MAN Roland, KBA, Komori, Sakurai, Akiyama, Planet, Ryobi, etc. Inkzone based software and interactive connections densitometry and spectrophotometry for controlling printing by TECHKON equipment.

For some years we are the official distributor in Spain of TECHKON products, and we are the only company certified for inspection and recalibration of instruments on the peninsula.

The TECHKON instruments allow us to offer a wide range of equipment and professional densitometric and spectrophotometric measurement of covering all the needs of professionals in the printing industry. Its range of instruments consists of equipment manual and automatic measurement, allowing seamless integration with Inkzone systems.

The contribution CTP technology is complemented by technology iCTP Danish manufacturer Glunz & Jensen PlateWriter iCTP and his family. Direct processless plate and therefore totally organic. An extremely compact, with no special requirements for installation, without waste, totally ecological and stochastic screening technology with high quality.

Envol Graphic activity is completed with a wide range of printing solutions, software, accessories and supplies for the manufacture of PVC cards and badges, coding and security systems and customization



You can find us in:

Carretera Nova, 129 - Local 4
08530 La Garriga (Barcelona)

Teléphone: 938605495