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Techkon SpectroPlate All-Vision

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Plate measurement device Techkon SpectroPlate All-Vision

SpectroPlate is available in three different types of performance packages:

The entry-level model Start is designed for dot percentage measurements on all popular types of printing plates, film, and CMYK print.

The Expert version additionally features the recording of complete transfer curves and the possibility to analyze geometric objects within the device.

The All-Vision model is able to measure supplementary low-contrast, process-low printing plates.

The Start version can easily be upgraded to an Expert model by a post-purchase upload from the PC. All-Vision functionality is achieved by a hardware expansion.

All three types can easily be connected to the Windows software TECHKON SpectroConnect which is included in the package. All devices are factory-calibrated to a highly accurate reference printing plate resulting in high long-term absolute accuracy and an excellent inter-instrument agreement.

Techkon SpectroPlate All-vision is backed by a 24 month warranty.

Product reference: TK1010035.

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