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MYIRO-1 Spectrophotometer

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The MYIRO spectrophotometer is a versatile and efficient tool for color measurement and quality control.

Designed as a handheld device, it offers a wireless connection that facilitates its use in different locations.

It is an innovative, easy-to-use and accurate solution for color management. MYIRO tools allow you to:

  • Generate printer profiles.
  • Control color quality.
  • Calibrate monitors.
  • Create reports.

The innovative MYIRO system combines maximum accuracy with a very attractive price. Measure samples with M0, M1 and M2 conditions in a single scan.

The wireless connection of the MYIRO system gives you greater flexibility, improves handling and allows you to transfer measurements efficiently.

MYIRO is a valuable tool for professionals in different industries that require accurate and efficient color management.

Reference: MY-ACJ1.